Welcome to Replay Faktor!

First off, Replay Factor with a “c” is already taken, so I was forced to make mine with a “k.”  I hope you find it stylish, because I don’t.  If it works out as I envision, this would be the best place on the Internet to get the most honest and most accurate video game insights.  My ultimate goal?  To change the course of the industry back to what it’s all about–making the best games possible.  “Innovation” is always a good thing and while I’m not against it per se, there’s plenty of perfecting and polishing left to do before developers should even start talking “innovation.”  We don’t need virtual reality or some gimmicky motion controls.  We want perfect execution of decade-old, great ideas.  Also, while I understand the popularity of multiplayer, at its core, video games are first and foremost, a solitary experience where the player could get lost in a fantasy that he is mostly in control of.  That fantasy cannot exist when other humans are involved.  We don’t need more complexity in matchmaking algorithms, we need more sophisticated A.I. that could deliver the entertainment that the gamer is looking for.  So I will save some ranting for another post.  Again, I welcome you!


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