Six Reasons Why Amazing Spider-Man 2 is better than Arkham Knight

Spider-Man lays it on Electro

Spider-Man lays it on Electro

There are boss fights. You get to fight some of Spidey’s favorite villains–as in actual full contact fisticuffs.  There are zero boss fights in Batman: Arkham Knight.  None.  I’m sure Rocksteady might argue otherwise and claim that some of the numerous brawls Batman participates in were legitimate boss fights.  Fine.  I’ll give them credit for one, and that’s Alfred King.  But that’s it.  You don’t even get to fight the Arkham Knight.  You can’t have a superhero game without boss fights.  It’s perplexing that no major review site has called Rocksteady on this.

More focused combat.  Amazing Spider-Man 2’s combat was inspired by the Arkham games and has been called by many, “Arkham Lite.”  Unlike Batman, Spider-Man’s only gadget is his web, which to me is a good thing.  Batman’s numerous tools that he must use in battle are a detriment to what makes its combat such a joy.  Also, the enemy mix in Arkham Knight become increasingly and unnecessarily complex.  Combat becomes an annoying chore when you’re dealing with enemy types that are not only immune to conventional attacks, but actually deal damage if attacked in such a way.  In contrast, Amazing Spider-Man 2 keeps it straightforward.  There is still plenty of challenge and good enemy variety but not to maddening levels.

Replayable missions.  You can go back and REPLAY (Get it?) your favorite story missions and boss fights.  If you had any particularly memorable battle in Arkham Knight that you would want to experience again, your only option would be to start over from the beginning and play until you reach that point.

Day and night cycle.  Amaziing Spider-Man 2 doesn’t rely on perpetual darkness to hide any visual shortcomings.  The daytime provides crisp lighting and shadows while the city glows with a comic book-style look at night.

The city has people in it.  This game has been criticized for not having enough pedestrians.  But guess what?  At least they’re there.  There’s no need to make up a convenient excuse of a citywide evacuation to explain away the complete absence of civilians the way Arkham Knight does.

No Batmobile.  Amazing Spider-Man doesn’t sabotage itself with any flaw as fatal as the Batmobile in Arkham Knight.  You can enjoy the entire game without having to worry about dealing with excruciatingly long sections that you would hate and wish did not exist.


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