EA Sports UFC 2 is a legit MMA game


Last year I wrote about how UFC Undisputed 3 is still the undisputed king of MMA games.  After a solid start, the original EA Sports UFC ended up being a game I truly hated.  It started as a barebones game that was at least playable and had some strong elements despite being short on features.  The unfortunate reality was that EA Sports UFC was a $60 beta, and EA Sports treated it as such, patching it maybe 10 times, with each patch  significantly altering the game’s feel and balance.  By the final patch, EA Sports UFC barely resembled the game I played on day one.

Last March, EA Sports UFC 2 came out with a vengeance.  It has very little in common with its predecessor.  I’m almost inclined to call it the best MMA game ever, but a few things hold it back (the ever annoying parries are still there among other things, and the clinch game is WEAK).  Still, it’s up there with UFC Undisputed 3. The highest compliment I feel I can give an MMA game is that it FEELS and FLOWS like a real MMA match.  The game’s been out for around 9 months and there are dozens of reviews out there so I won’t write one here.  Instead I’ll be posting a series of matches that show how realistic EA Sports UFC 2 can be at the hands of a true sim player (ME!).  Here’s one to get you started!

Stay tuned!!!


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