Godzilla for the PS4 one of the most underrated games of all time

Is there something wrong with me?  I really, really, love Godzilla for the PS4.  Nobody else seems to agree with me, just check out the scores over at Metacritic.  If I were to assign a numerical score to this game, I’d say 90 out of 100.  I have two issues with it.  First are the stupid glowing orange boundaries around the cities.  They should’ve left the invisible walls invisible.  It’s a game that’s trying so hard to give the most cinematic experience possible, and the glowing boundaries break the immersion.  The only thing worse is my second complaint, which is having no option to turn off the meters.  This isn’t a complicated game and while the HUD do provide some useful information, after getting some fights under your belt you’d have a pretty good feel of how things work and you’ll be able to operate just fine without the HUD.  I said I had two issues with Godzilla but there’s also a third one, which is the lack of local multiplayer.  You need to go online to play against another player.  This is the perfect type of fighting game to have laid-back sessions with against a friend on the couch.  I’m not big on multiplayer, in fact I generally hate it.  But this game would’ve greatly benefited from on offline multiplayer feature.

 So now back to the main topic.  I love this game.  I don’t understand all the hate.  I’m not going to go over all the knocks I’ve read about it as I’m not going to validate them.  They are baseless and completely irrational is all I will say about them.  If you’re a true Godzilla fan, if you dig the Toho films shot with guys in rubber costumes stomping around barely convincing miniature   cities, then you would absolutely love this game.  This is the most authentic Godzilla game I’ve ever seen. It’s a 3D fighter at its core, but what it really is, is a Godzilla simulator.  Think about it.  What does Godzilla do in the films?  This game captures it perfectly.  I don’t doubt that we can have much better Godzilla-themed games, but whatever games those are will only have Godzilla as a backdrop.  But it won’t really be a Godzilla game now, would it?  This is the most faithful expression of Godzilla in a video game.  It is a fun game if you’re a Godzilla fan.  I’m not close to getting bored with it.  It has tons of replay value, literally and figuratively.  Anyone who hates on this game simply don’t get Godzilla and have unreasonable expectations.  They are basically just ignorant and quite possibly racist and hate the Japanese.  If you’re not a racist then you will love this game.


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