Yakuza 0: The unboxing and the search for the free time to play it


You are looking at Yakuza 0 Business Launch Edition.  It comes with the game disc (really?), a small black pouch inside of which is a metallic business card case adorned with some dragony design.  Inside the case are some business cards of what I can only assume are businesses you’ll be able to visit in-game.  At the time of this writing I haven’t actually played the game.  All I had time for was to open the box, take some pictures and post it on here.  I can’t wait to play this game.  Reviews have been very positive it seems, including those that come from typically anti-Japanese websites like Gamespot and IGN.  Most agree that despite the old school graphics and animations, the whole of the game makes for quite a memorable and enjoyable experience unlike anything western gamers are accustomed to.  I’m personally looking forward to the brawling aspects more than anything else, but I’d be lying if I said I’m not at least a little intrigued by some of the crazy activities you can partake in.  I’ll be posting some video clips as soon as I find the time to get this baby installed on my very loud PS4 that I hope survives at least a couple more years.  I have quite a few games waiting their turn to be beaten.  The PS4 doesn’t have a big enough hard drive to keep all my unfinished games installed. It currently has 106 GB of “free space.” I wonder if that’s room enough to install the 23GB of Yakuza 0.  Basic math says yes but that’s not how the PS4’s HD works.  At any rate, I’ll get it installed somehow even if I have to delete a game I’m still enjoying (looking at you, The Division).  Stay tuned for more!


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