Yakuza 0 first impressions: A slow but fun burn


I’ve been playing Yakuza 0 for two days now, and I haven’t gotten far.  I think I may have been playing a total of 2 or 3 hours at the most.  It’s been enjoyable thus far and its pacing is most definitely not western.  This is a slooow burn.  This is a story-heavy title, at least in the beginning.  Of the few hours I’ve spent with the game, I’d say nearly half of it was spent watching extended cutscenes.  That could be an exaggeration, but I’ve definitely been doing a lot of watching.  They are quality cutscenes, mind you.  In fact, the acting is extremely impressive.  This is Hollywood-quality drama, to say the least.  The dialogue is top notch and managed to draw me in despite the rather cliched plot.  In terms of gameplay, it’s a bit awkward and clumsy, something that I expected but still caught me off-guard a bit.  It’s definitely “old school.”  And fun.   In spite of all the clunkiness, the combat is satisfying and more challenging than I thought, though part of that challenge had to do with the awkwardness of it all.  It took me a solid two hours to get to the point of the video below, the first real solid chunk of gameplay.  I’ve been having two-minute scraps here and there prior, but this is the first story-based series of brawls, culminating in a boss fight.

I’m liking this a lot, but I can tell it’s gonna take a long time to reach the end.  I don’t mind that at all, my only concern is that I have at least 3 new games coming within the next month.  Stay tuned as I post more Yakuza 0 footage.


One comment

  1. The Otaku Judge · February 1, 2017

    Looks like a fun game. One minute you are singing karaoke and the next someone is hacking off their finger. Ouch.


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