The mystery game I bought in place of Nioh is…


On my previous entry I mentioned that I am skipping Nioh.  If you were wondering what game came along that made me do that, it’s none other than WWE 2K17.  I know this didn’t just come out, I believe it’s been out since October.  I’ve been a fan of the franchise since its days as Smackdown vs. Raw.  The series has undergone many changes throughout the years and it continues to have its share of issues to this very day.  The biggest improvement this year has to do with the action inside the ring (and outside).  It still has its awkward moments but the flow of the matches are more fluid than ever.  There are still things to complain about, but the complaints are almost reaching nitpick territory.  My biggest complaint since the franchise’s move into the current gen consoles is the severely limited creation suite.  It’s been expanded upon this year but is still no match to the options that WWE 2k14 and WWE ’13 offered, particularly when it comes to molding your wrestler’s body and physique.  In 2K17 you are limited to a small selection of body types (there’s 8 or 10 total, it seems) and you can swap out certain body parts with slightly altered versions.  These are all preset parts.  Unlike older titles, 2K17 does not allow you to manipulate individual limbs.  A huge part of the fun in past games is how they allow you to create some of the most absurdly proportioned wrestlers.  It’s great entertainment to make freaks of nature but when you get tired of that novelty, the flexibility of the creation tools make it possible to replicate the unique physiques of real life people you’re making.  Not so in WWE 2k17, where regardless of how you tweak your custom superstar’s body, all of them end up looking muscular and athletic and with shoulders as wide as a barn door. Still, I am loving this game and it is the best one of this console generation yet. Enjoy the match below!


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