Nioh at last: I gave in to buying it a lot sooner than I thought I would


First off, a couple of entries ago I talked about professional game reviewers being among the biggest losers.  I pinky swear I was only kidding!  I also wrote how my limited budget forced me to forego Nioh for the time being.  So basically to cope with my missing out on what is turning out to be the year’s hottest title thus far, I had to rip on the reviewers who were making it harder on me by saying all these nice things about Nioh.  Yes, it was childish.  Sorry!  So finally I bought Nioh, along with a PS4 Pro (still don’t know how to upload in 60fps if that’s possible, but at least it’s in 1080p, yay!), and I just got through the opening sequence, which ends in a “boss fight.”

This whole sequence was actually very easy, as in super easy.  I know I’m still not in the game proper and things will soon get really ugly for me, but I do believe I am up for the challenge.  One thing that I know right off the bat will make Nioh a much more pleasant experience are the quick load times, which are lightyears faster than Bloodborne’s and Dark Souls III’s.  Another thing is that Nioh’s combat seems more responsive and feels slicker.  A lot of times in DS3 and BB I felt as though I was wrangling my character to move the way I wanted him to.  Not so in Nioh, at least so far.  So I am really pumped for this marathon.  I’ll keep posting my shining moments of triumph as I delve deeper into Nioh in the coming weeks and quite possibly months.


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