Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends Complete Edition: An all-time great

dynasty-warriors-8The Dynasty Warriors series have never really clicked with western gamers. It’s often been criticized as being too repetitive with A.I. that barely has any “I.” While that’s certainly true, it doesn’t stop the game from being an absolute blast to play. I’ve always stood by the mindset of repetition is only as bad as the activities the player is required to partake in. For DW, that means lots of hack and slash against hundreds or even thousands of mostly brainless enemies across expansive battlefields. For me personally, it’s the type of repetition that I appreciate. DW has always featured huge campaigns and dozens of playable officers, each with unique moves and abilities, which make the experience far less monotonous. The same is true with Dynasty Warriors Xtreme Legends Complete Edition, one of the earliest if not the earliest current-gen remasters of last-gen titles (DW8 originally came out for the PS3 and Xbox 360). Speaking of which, the reviews I’ve read knocked its visuals, which completely baffled me. DW8XLCE has been accused of looking “last-gen” among other things. I can respect that this type of game is not for everyone, but I won’t stand for baseless criticisms that stem out of racism, especially when evidence against it is readily available for all to see. DW8XLCE has what I would call a soft, “creamy” look. Very easy on the eyes. The animations are smooth and fluid, and the moves are flashy and spectacular. On the video below notice the cool lighting during the moonlit areas and the transition to the burning ships. The gameplay is much refined from past titles and is probably the zenith of all DW games to date. There are other Warriors games out there, including spinoffs like Arslan: Warriors of Legend and the upcoming Berserk and the Band of The Hawk (comes out February 21!), but so far none of them come together as nicely as DW8XLCE does.

No other game offers the beauty and spectacle of Dynasty Warriors.  The battles are epic and awe-inspiring.  The historical characters add elegance to the proceedings, giving players an inside look albeit slightly modified for dramatic purposes, to the motivations behind the most powerful figures in the old Chinese days’ decisions to kill each other all the time  No matter how heinous their reasons, the game presents it all in a very noble way.  This is cheesy stuff for sure, but one that is great for entertainment.  The only thing missing from the DW series is blood, which there will be plenty of in the mature-rated Berserk and the Band of the Hawk, coming out next week!  Stay tuned for my impressions/review on that!


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