PSN network down: Suckers can’t play For Honor


On the eve of For Honor’s release, the PSN network went down. It affected me personally as the Amazon, Netflix and YouTube apps on my PS4, along with Minecraft and other downloaded titles, were literally locked up. I tried to play a disc-based game and thankfully it worked. I almost feel for those foolish enough to go along with Ubisoft’s communist agenda and pre-ordered For Honor, a game that requires an Internet connection even for the single player component. I said almost. I would feel for them if they still believed in personal property and one’s right to own what he or she buys. Every person who supports this agenda doesn’t deserve to play own any video game or play one. Serves them right.
UPDATE: As of this morning, February 14, PSN is back up. Lucky break! Those who purchased For Honor should be thankful. The next 5 minutes to play For Honor is never a guarantee. P.S. if you’re looking for some REAL large-scale melee action, look no further than Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends Complete edition or Samurai Warriors 4:


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