Nioh boss fight: The Great Centipede

This boss was a pain on so many levels.  It’s ugly, intimidating and can hit you with paralyzing projectiles from long distance.  It can turn on a dime, too, and could basically do an instant 180 just when you think you’ve gotten the advantage by taking its back.  Suddenly it’s eating away at your health bar with its nasty pincher mouth thingies.  To make matters worse, it sprays poison mist that lingers.

I’d have to say that this was the first boss I could almost call cheap. I say “almost” because the game does give you clues as to how to deal with this boss, at least once you settle down and start paying more attention to the environment and using the centipede’s dogged determination to chase you, against it. I lucked out a bit by having enough spirit stones to recharge my Living Weapon for a second time, but I must say that it felt pretty good to discover on my own an effective tactic that in my opinion is probably one of the “prescribed” ones the developers had in mind!


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