Nioh boss fight: The REAL Tachibana Muneshige

This is the REAL Tachibana Muneshige boss fight, although officially this was just a “sub-mission.” The one prior to this was the main bad guy dude transforming into Muneshige and the fight was really a pushover. This one’s the real deal, taking me around half an hour to beat, I lost count, it didn’t seem that long and it wasn’t too tiring as the checkpoint was practically on the battlefield.

The funny thing is, this was very same boss I watched on YouTube that convinced me to pass up on Nioh (how long that lasted!). In that video, the player died over and over again (I did, too) many times. To my credit I think I did better than that player, who really seemed clueless now that I think about it, or maybe I’m not as bad as I think I am (I just rewatched that same video and the guy didn’t actually get past this boss)! The more I play Nioh, the more apparent it becomes how different a beast this is from the SoulsBorne titles and I think Souls purists might be struggling with Nioh’s faster combat, which is more akin to legit action games like Ninja Gaiden or DMC.


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