5 biggest disappointments of this console generation (so far)


The era of the PS4. That’s where we’re at today (sorry Xbox One fans, you lose this one big time, so much so that MS kicked and screamed and did everything it can to erase the concept of “generation” just so it can live with itself and say that they didn’t lose this generation because there’s no such thing).  To my surprise, there’s actually been a few great games this generation and a few more on the horizon (Mass Effect Andromeda, God of War and Red Dead Redemption 2).  However there have been some duds that failed to meet expectations.  Below are some of them.

Just Cause 3– I’m a fan of repetitiveness, I always roll my eyes whenever I read a review that knocks a game for being repetitive.  JC3 is repetitive, but blowing up stuff never got boring.  However, the game forces you to play “the right way.”  It does so by having 3rd person shooting mechanics that are awkward and unreliable.  I like the idea of finding creative ways to kill the enemy, but it would’ve been much better if JC3 gave me the option to take a more traditional 3rd person shooter approach.

Batman: Arkham Night– Two things.  First is the overuse of the Batmobile, which just about everyone agrees on.  However, the biggest issue with the game is the complete absence of any boss fight (maybe there could be one, technically), not even against the titular character, the Arkham Knight (a game of hide and seek is NOT a fight).  It was a shame as the combat is the best thing about the Arkham games.  Rocksteady should’ve learned from Arkham Origins, which in my opinion is hands down the best Batman game ever made.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt– I realize this game won many GOTY awards, and after playing it for several hours I see why.  However the barrier to entry was too high for me to overcome.  Its systems were too complex and it required a dozen hours of your time to level up enough to make the gameplay enjoyable.  If you had the patience to wait that long, more power to you.  I want a game I could have fun with instantly.

Uncharted 4– Another game that won several GOTY awards, this happens to also be one of my all-time favorites.  So what’s it doing here?  Well there wasn’t enough shooting.  Not nearly enough.  It was as though some left-wing, anti-gun liberal nut job was behind it.  I love the gunplay in Uncharted 4.  If only there were more than 15 minutes total of it in the entire game.

EA Sports UFC 1– It shipped with barebones features and was missing some basic MMA moves, but I was able to live with it.  It had  a solid core gameplay that was fun in spite of its limitations.  However, monthly patches changed the gameplay fundamentally, resulting in a broken mess that hardly resembled the game I originally bought.  This turned out to be a beta that I had to pay $60 for.

I don’t have high hopes for the next generation of consoles (if the concept of “generation” even exists anymore), and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that for the rest of this generation we’ll see several great games yet, enough to keep me occupied entertained and happy as I happily bow out of the next generation of consoles, which will only have crappy games for sure.




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