Berserk and the Band of the Hawk: Yessss!!!!

I’ve been waiting for this game for like a year, it seems.  I know that last summer I checked every week for a release date and when I can preorder Berserk, now it’s finally here!  I’m currently stuck on the blob boss on Nioh, been getting closer and closer to beating it but not quite getting over that last hump.  Berserk is the perfect distraction for now, but it’s truly more than a distraction, especially if you’re like me and are a huge fan of the Warriors games.  Below is Guts’ first official battle with the Band of the Hawk.

It’s standard Dynasty Warriors fare, save for the blood.  The attacks do feel a lot more brutal and impactful, which is important for a game like this.  Another thing that separates Berserk from other Warriors titles are boss fights.  It’s not complicated stuff but I believe it’s the first time in a Musou game that you can actually lock on to a single enemy, which takes away a lot of the awkwardness.  Stay tuned for more footage of this truly awesome game!


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