So Berserk and the Band of the Hawk is all about the bosses after all


Well I’d say “mostly.” After playing through over 30 missions monotony has begun to set in just a bit. Don’t get me wrong, the combat is still fun as heck and keeps me playing for just one more mission every time, but playing only as Guts for the entire campaign (I’m guessing) makes the already repetitive nature of the game a little worse. At least in other Warriors titles the game lets you play as different heroes during the campaign at regular intervals. Berserk does let you play as other characters but only on Free Mode for missions you’ve already completed, and I believe there are only 8 total playable characters as opposed to the 70+ from Dynasty Warriors 8. Berserk leaves it to the boss fights to cleanse your palate, and they do a surprisingly good job.

Boss fights have become the highlights of this game. There’s been one pretty awful one so far but most of them have been entertaining and provide just the right amount of challenge for a game like this. I think I may have died only twice in boss fights (once against the said awful boss), but although I beat most boss fights in one attempt, almost each one pushed me to the brink and exhausted both my consumables and myself. So far none of the bosses have had one-hit-kill capabilities, but they are ridiculously tough, only ever taking significant damage when you hit them during your rage mode.

Though the bosses aren’t particularly clever, their designs are pretty interesting and I can’t wait to beat the rest of them. At any rate, my plate is more than full at this point. I’m still working on Nioh (probably around halfway done)and Ghost Recon Wildlands is only a couple of days way, with Mass Effect Andromeda only around two weeks away. Now is a definitely a good time to be a gamer!


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