Ghost Recon Wildlands real review: Coming soon


Some reviews are beginning to trickle in for Ghost Recon Wildlands, but if you’re in it for the single player experience, you can be sure to find no useful information from any other website. Seems like all reviewers care about these days are the multiplayer and co-op features of any game, which in my opinion are the main cause for games just sucking more and more over the years. Morons who review games based on multiplayer are morons, plain and simple. They are easily fooled as well. Once the servers go live and they start shooting each other in the face, if the reviewers do well and feel like they “dominated” the battlefield, they will give a game the highest of praises. If their get their butts handed to them then they will throw the game under the bus. Devs and publishers are smart enough to monitor the reviewers’ gamer tags so that they get the edge during multiplayer matches online, through whatever means necessary, whether that involves grouping the reviewers with other players who were paid to “take a dive,” or perhaps secretly messing up everyone else’s aiming or what have you. This is a well-known industry secret.  Another thing you’ll be reading about is the stealth, which to me is another cause for games sucking as of late. When my copy comes in tomorrow and I start playing, you can be sure I will go in guns blazing and shooting everyone up like Rambo. Stealth is an insult to my intelligence, as the kind of stealth portrayed in games is nowhere realistic and no bad guy is as stupid as anyone depicted in any stealth-themed game. This is supposed to be a shooter, and I will play it like a shooter. I will let you know the real important features when it comes to the shooting mechanics, A.I. behavior during firefights, etc. Stay tuned!


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