Ghost Recon: Wildlands single player impressions


Ghost Recon: Wildlands came out exactly three weeks ago (at least for guys like me who had to pay for it) and I’ve been going at a snail’s pace, having to juggle between 3 or 4 different games. The video below I believe is precisely what the developers had in mind when designing this game. There’s enough structure to guide you along the critical path along with plenty of other activities to distract yourself with if you so choose. The way I approach most missions is probably how most players do, which is to give stealth a chance at first and kill as many enemies as possible silently before you inevitably get found out and a full on firefight breaks out. I give Ubisoft credit for allowing this kind of dynamic, which rewards players who are able to adapt to the situation whenever matters don’t go exactly as planned, which for me is almost always.

I really, really love the gunplay in Wildlands although it took a little while for me to warm up to it. I didn’t “feel” my weapons the same way I did in The Division where a lot of enemies required at least a couple dozen rounds to put down. In GR, all it takes is a single, short trigger squeeze to neutralize most enemies. However once I started getting in open gun battles against semi-intelligent enemies, I began to acclimate to the distinct feel of Wildlands’ combat. I also appreciate the simple squad commands. I was never a fan of the unnecessarily complex squad micromanagement of the earliest Ghost Recons, which I always felt was just a bunch of mumbo jumbo. In Wildlands you can order your squad to regroup, hold position, open fire or go to a specific location. That’s it. The most useful command in my opinion is the “go to,” which allows you to place your squad where they can defend your flanks. I’ve read a few reviews that complained about getting killed by enemies from behind. I suspect that they never bothered commanding their A.I. teammates, and they deserved all the grief they got. I’ve only played around 8 hours total, I think, but I wasn’t really counting. My goal is to beat this game by the end of (this) Spring. We’ll see what happens.


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