Another Nioh boss fight: Yuki-onna

I beat this boss over the weekend. I must’ve died at least a couple dozen times, maybe more. I lost count. My deaths came so swiftly, as in within seconds. If how fast it takes for a boss to kill you is the measure of difficulty, then Yuki-onna is the hardest boss yet. The odds are evened out just a tad by the fact that this boss can’t take as much punishment as some bosses, or at least it seemed that way. Still, getting killed in 15 seconds flat 5 times in a row was infuriating. I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll run into more bosses like this one, where the challenge doesn’t come in its complexity but by the unfair amount of damage it can deal with every strike, thus demanding unreasonable perfection to overcome. I think I’m losing steam here. There’s no more excitement from anticipating the next boss, if Yuki-onna was a sign of things to come. The final boss in Dark Souls 3, Soul of Cinder, took me around 10 hours to beat. I really have nothing good to say about that boss fight, except for the intensity of a hard fought battle each time I failed. The biggest challenge was the insane amount of memorization required to get the timing just right for dodging and attacking. The Soul of Cinder was basically a collection of some of the most lethal attack patterns of the previous bosses. It expected you to recognize the attacks and be able to deal with them. As painstaking the process was of figuring out all its moves, at least it gave me enough chance each time out to learn and survive long enough to be able to apply what I’ve learned during the very same battle. Not so with Yuki-onna. It will hit me and kill me. I wouldn’t even say I made a mistake or that I got reckless. Getting hit is part of every boss fight. Against Yuki-onna it’s practically a death sentence. It’s cheap. I have a strong suspicion that Nioh will continue along this same path all the way to the end. Just a bunch of bosses that could kill you in 3 hits. That doesn’t take skill or ingenuity on the developer’s part, just laziness. I’m thinking it might be time to trade Nioh in for something like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which I would love to breeze through on the easiest difficulty setting.


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